Daisy Daisy presents the 2017 Empire City Hackathon

A startup competition for New York City high school students to bring their mobile or web application idea to life.

  • $50,000in perks
  • 9/1/17Application Deadline

I have an idea

I am a NYC High School student with an idea for a web or mobile application.

Press or Other Contact

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There are only two rules, both outlined below. Other than these two rules the sky is the limit.


Empire City Hackathon, is only open to residents of New York City's five boroughs who are currently enrolled in high school somewhere in the city. There are no age, citizenship or other requirements beyond that.


Ideas can span any industry. Can be on any platform. Mobile. Wearables. Web. IoT. Games. Anything. Be creative. We love creativity and we especially love hearing about spaces that we have no experience in.



The Daisy Daisy design team will with with you to design a beautiful, professional application and teach you the fundamentals of application design at no cost.


Daisy Daisy engineers will architect and code your application at no cost while simultaneously teaching you the fundamentals of software design and architecture.


Daisy Daisy's management team will help you navigate the legal, accounting and regulatory overhead of getting your app launched and in front of users.'


Daisy Daisy's network of world renowned experts will advise you on an ongoing basis as you transform your project from an app to a business to a global brand.

How to Apply

    Once you have read all the rules above, we invite you to apply by emailing us a 200 - 500 word (don't go over, we will stop reading at 500 words) essay explanation of yourself, your background, your idea and your motivation for building it. Applications must be received by September 1, 2017. Applications can be submitted in English, Spanish, Arabic or Chinese. Once your application essay is ready, you can send it to hack2017@daisydaisy.com

Contact Us

Fill out form below or email us at info@daisydaisy.com with any questions or comments. We will get back to you ASAP.